Venturing into the Deep Forest

Are your PCs about to venture into the deep forest? If they are, check out these posts for inspiration and in-game dressing:

Creepy Graveyard

Are you about to run an adventure set in a creepy graveyard? If you are, check out these four posts for inspiration and in-game dressing:

I Loot the Minion’s Body Available Now!

Loot_MinionsBody_220This week, Raging Swan Press releases I Loot the Minion’s Body by Kat Evans in both Pathfinder and System Neutral Editions. If your PCs have just slain a villain’s minions, fill their pockets quickly and easy with these three handy tables.

Check out a free sample here.

Powered Down for the Hols!

Raging Swan Press is now closed for a week or so. Normal service should resume on August 30. Through the powers of this internet, we’ll still be posting up things regularly to our Facebook page and our product release schedule is unaffected but otherwise we are pretty much powered down.

Finally, we’ll be posting up a series of themed-mini posts during the week for your gaming pleasure; we hope you enjoy them!

Raging Swan Press and 5e

5eLogoOver the last year or so, I’ve fielded a constant trickle of questions about Raging Swan Press and 5e. Mainly, the questions revolved around when Raging Swan was going to start releasing 5e products. Up to now, the schedule has been so full—and required so much of my time—that I’ve been unable to begin seriously considering releasing 5e compatible stuff.


However, change is in the wind.