10 Travellers to Share Your Campfire

The roads are dangerous for travellers, and a roaring campfire is always a welcome sight. However, heroes should be wary of those who approach their tents at night. Flame may ward off wolves, but it attracts the most unusual company.

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)

10 Legendary Caves

Caves occupy a strange place on the border between civilization and wilderness. Caves can offer shelter, safety and sometimes even resources, but at the same time, they are home to strange and wild creatures and raving hermits, and most of us never feel truly comfortable in their dark depths.

The Twisted Gorge by Matt Morrow

The Twisted Gorge by Matt Morrow

GM’s Miscellany: 20 Things Volume I just got a cracking five-star review from Garth H (Thanks, Garth!) Here’s my favourite bit of his review:

You just can’t go wrong with Raging Swan’s 20-Things series, and this collection is proof of that. Excellent organization throughout and a DM’s treasure trove of inspiration.

20 Things to Find in a Subterranean River

Subterranean rivers often flow through natural caverns. Sometimes, they even intersect with dungeons. As a source of water—and therefore life—rivers and streams are often visiting by those dwelling nearby. Thus, there is almost always much to find near (or in) a subterranean river.

By Matt Morrow

By Matt Morrow

Kingsfell Released

kingsfell_front_220This week, Raging Swan Press released Village Backdrop: Kingsfell as a standalone book. We have also released 5e and System Neutral Edition versions of Kingsfell so whatever system you play, we’ve got you covered!

If you need a village with a mysterious set of standing stones, check it out!

Endzeitgeist Reviews Umelas

Endzeitgeist has given Jeff Gomez’s Village Backdrop: Umelas five stars and his seal of approval! Here’s my favourite bit of his review:

“Jeff Gomez’ Umelas is one of the most amazing villages in the series, but, much like the sweet wine it produces, Umelas is not for the faint of heart: Decidedly dark, it is a supplement perfectly suited for gamers craving a bit of horror or dark fantasy, a richly-detailed and amazing little piece of concise writing, presented in lavish prose. In fact, this could be run as basically a pocket domain of Ravenloft, if you’d so choose. And I mean that as a compliment. The experience of adventuring in Umelas will, much like eating sickeningly sweet food, stay with your PCs and players after they’re done – and I tried hard not to SPOIL anything here. This is a great adventure, just waiting to be fleshed out and any GM worth half his salt can throw the PCs in and improvise a full-blown module out of this gem. Suffice to say: Get this!”