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Raging Swan Press is taking a week off and thus Global HQ has been (temporarily) abandoned. (But who knows what fearsome guardians yet lurk within). Fear not, though, we are only gone a week or so and we’ll be back on Wednesday September 3rd. Once we’re back, I’ll be spending a day or two solely focused on emails and catching up so please be patient if you’ve sent me a message.

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Review Roundup 22/08

It’s been a tremendous week for reviews here at Raging Swan Press. Check out these beauties–and thanks very much to everyone who wrote a review this week! As always, it’s much appreciated.

Caves & Caverns

Pierre H said of Caves & Caverns in his five-star review, Caves and Caverns is one of those titles I purchased in PDF first and loved so much I had to have a Hardcopy to faun over and really cherish.”

Urban Dressing: Trade Town

Endzeitgiest, in his five-star + seal of approval review, of Urban Dressing: Trade Town said, “Josh Vogt’s reinvented Urban Dressing-series has become more or less a guarantee for exceedingly high-quality fluff…”

All That Glimmers

Pierre H gave All That Glimmers five stars and said,I highly recommend this book and give it top marks!”

Retribution Collector’s Edition

Paul Q gave Retribution Collector’s Edition five stars and said, “This is a great module and worth picking up.”

Scions of Evil

Pierre H said of Scions of Evil, in his five-star review, “Information is well laid out and easy to access. I find that I don’t have to flip from this page to that too often as information is always at your finger tips for encounters or NPC / environment information. Stat blocks are clean and easy to read. This is an important feature for me and having such superb editing is a massive boon!”

I Loot the Body!

Loot_Body_220This week, Raging Swan Press releases I Loot the Body by Josh Vogt.

If you want to make the looting in your campaign more fun, this is the book for you! Within, find three tables packed full of trinkets, minor pieces of jewellery and other adornments along with the random things found in a villain’s pouch.

Alternate Dungeons: Alchemist’s Laboratory

Exploring an alchemical laboratory provides adventurers with a glimpse into the minds and arsenals of the great crafters. The alchemist masters the world by learning its fundamental workings through experimentation, concoction and dissection. Over smoking fires in rooms lined with cluttered shelves, they hone their art.

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)