Review Roundup July 4

This week, we’ve had some cracking reviews. In even better news, we are now in striking distance (just $5) of hitting our second Patreon milestone and increasing our freelance designer’s page rate to 5 cents a word! I’m tremendously excited by this prospect and am looking forward immensely to making the announcement very soon (hint, hint…)

In any event, here are snippets of this week’s reviews:

GM’s Miscellany: Dungeon Dressing

GMRaven likes this book: “GM’s Miscellany: Dungeon Dressing was of a superb quality in fluff and crunch. I’ve made extensive use of it for the two dungeons I’ve crafted since obtaining it…”

GM Screens Inserts

Endzeitgeist liked the landscape screens slightly more than the portrait screens and said of them, “Creighton Broadhurst delivers a significant step up when compared to PFRPG’s default screen – the tables herein proved to be significantly more useful than those of the default screens.”

Super, Mega, Awesome News!

Something super, mega, awesome happened yesterday! Yesterday, we hit our $200 per product milestone, which means we can now pay our freelancers 5 cents a word!

This is an incredible achievement and one that we couldn’t have achieved without the 47 rather marvellous patrons of our Patreon campaign. Just four months ago we were 1 cent a word–we’ve come a long way and I’m tremendously proud of what we’ve achieved together.

Of course, I’m greedy and we are not done yet. Our next milestone is already set. When we get to $300 per release we’ll up our pay again to 7 cents a word. At 5 cents a word Raging Swan Press should be able to secure even more work from your favourite designers. At 7 cents a word I’m going to start pestering famous design people (to write for us). If you want to help me pester them, please consider signing up.


Village Backdrop: Hopespyre Now Available

Hopespyre_front_new 220This week, Raging Swan Press releases Village Backdrop: Hopespyre by Jacob W. Michaels.

Their beliefs considered heretical by the Church of the God of the Sun and their presence viewed as a threat to the cruel ruler of their homeland, the Church of the Redemptive Flame fled and founded a new home in remote Hopespyre. The cult now wants nothing more than to live a sin-free life…

Campaign Events: Masquerade Ball

Masquerade balls are a feature of civilised urban life, and eventually the PCs may be invited to attend such a prestigious event. Perhaps they are invited to secretly meet a new patron or to stymie some plot of these attending the event or alternatively their adventure may start unexpectedly during such an event. Masquerade balls are excellent excuses for role-playing and offer an excellent change of pace to a typical adventure.

By Bradley K. Mc Devitt

By Bradley K. Mc Devitt

Ancient Empire of the Troglodytes Now Available

TrogEmpire_front_220John Bennett’s Ancient Empire of the Troglodytes is now available! Designed specifically to give the busy GM all the tools needed to set adventures amid the mouldering bones of one of the world’s oldest civilisations, Ancient Empire of the Troglodytes reveals hitherto unknown secrets ready for your campaign!

And if you like what you find, please consider joining Raging Swan’s Patreon campaign. Let us do your campaign prep. so you can concentrate on plotting against your players!