Review Roundup 28/11

This week, a couple of rather marvellous reviews have popped up!

Whitney D–a first time reviewer of our books–gave The Lonely Coast a five-star review and said, “It is simply a beautifully put together campaign area perfect for quick play. The Lonely Coast has a fantastic feel to it.”

Meanwhile, GM’s Miscellany: Wilderness Dressing also got some love! Mike F loved the book and simply said, “Five stars!”

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10 Things to Say When A PC makes a Perception Check And Finds Nothing…

Because (sometimes) a little player paranoia is a good thing...

Adventurers are always poking their nose in where it doesn’t belong. They seem to incessantly search even the most boring, featureless rooms in search of treasure. Sometimes, they get lucky and find hidden or forgotten loot, but—more often than not—there is simply nothing to find.

By Arthur Rackham